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App: Photo Warp+

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Category Entertainment
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
The most popular photo warping app is back with a sequel and it is better than ever!

Photo Warp was downloaded more than 14 million times, and now Photo Warp+ is here with more! We rewritten it from scratch, so Photo Warp+ is faster, has more functions and got a new UI!

Just take a picture then warp, bend and distort it to your heart's content.Make yourself skinnier, buff yourself up or enlarge any body parts that might need some enlargement ;) Or go crazy and have fun putting several pounds of fat on your friends or giving them the biggest cheese-eating grin you can imagine. With Photo Warp+, you too can be an instant, super-cheap plastic surgeon! How hilarious can you be?

REVIEWS:“Messing around with Photo Warp is a great way to brighten up your day and you can really make fools out of your friends!” - James Thornton, Softonic

FEATURES::★ Save high resolution pictures!★ Animate your warps!★ Use pinch-zoom for more detailed editing!★ New, more streamlined UI!★ Speed improvements - smoother interactions...and the old favorites:☆ Warp tool (Moves pixels around as you drag the cursor),☆ Pinch and Bloat tools (Move pixels towards/away from the center of your brush)☆ The unique Reconstruct brush (gradually resets the picture to its original state as you brush over it)☆ Twirl clockwise and counterclockwise tools (rotates pixels around the center of brush)☆ Set brush size and strength☆ Use any picture to warp whether it's from your camera or any photo from your device☆ Save pictures to your device or SD card☆ Share your creations online☆ Installing to SD card is supported


Tags:warp, warper, distort, distortion, bend, morph, morpher, liquid, liquify, goo, melt, melter, caricature, comic, camera, photo, picture, image, booth, face, rubber, stretch, fun, funny, hilarious, plastic surgery, plastic surgeon, correct, fat, skinny

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