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App: Circle - The Local Network

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Category Social & Community
Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
Circle is The MOST POPULAR Local Network. "The most beautiful Android App there is. Period."

Circle is the mobile app that’s in the know, anywhere you go. Circle keeps you up to speed by adapting to your location and letting you share and discover what’s happening near you. Our goal is to build on the lessons learned from traditional social networks to make a new kind of community: positive, local and useful, wherever you are.

Each month, more than a million people are joining Circle for real-time information and conversation about nearby crime, traffic, natural disasters - as well as places to go and things to do.

Lost dogs. Best fishing spots. Free kids events. Closed roads. Flash mobs. Amazing, scary, exciting and crazy [what? “things”, “stories”?] are happening everywhere. The Circle community is there to help you navigate your world.

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