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App: Write It Off App

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Category Finance
Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
***Introductory rate: 50% off the normal price.

Write It Off App is a great all-inclusive app that is perfect for saving your tax expense records in a simple and organized fashion. Don't wait until tax season to unearth your receipts to submit to your accountant or CPA. Keep track of your life's daily expenses throughout the year.

This easy-to-use app allows you to track potential write-offs, categorize expenses, include images of the receipts, and email your entire write-off list to be downloaded and printed in an easy=to-read spreadsheet.

The apps features include:• Track daily and end of the year write-offs using a easy-to-use one-screen approach.• Add/view receipt images for all of your write-offs.• Organized write-offs by category.• Easily search all write-offs.• Automatically calculates mileage using the standard US mileage rate.• Export write-offs by category into spreadsheet format - the spreadsheet automatically calculates the total for each category.• View/edit your write-offs using a web-based backup system.• Social networking.

Types of write-offs included in app:• Child care• Medical/dental• Charitable donations• Business-related• Work-related• Mileage• Car registration• Sales tax• Moving expenses• Educator expenses• Mortgage interest• Energy tax credit purchases• Property tax• Moving expenses• Student loan interest• Tuition and fees

Questions/comments: Please email

Note: This app is to be used for organizational purposes only. Please consult your personal accountant to check that your write-offs meet Internal Revenue Service criterion for tax deductions.

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