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App: Amazon App Notifier (donate)

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Download the highest rated and most compatible/reliable Amazon Free App of the Day notifier on the Market and Never forget about another free app in the Amazon Appstore!

PERMISSIONS UPDATE:Wake Lock Permission needed to fix notifications not appearing on Android 4.0+ phones. It is called and released when the notification appears daily and therefore should not have any battery life impact.

This is the donate version for the Amazon Free App Notifier. How to use and FAQ's are below as well as the following location:

HOW TO USE:1. Pick what time you would like notifications to appear by selecting "Set Notification Time".2. Pick what days you would like notifications to appear by selecting "Set Notification Days".3. Select what sound you would like to play when the notification appears by selecting "Set Notification Sound".4. IMPORTANT: Press the button labeled "Notifications off" near the bottom of the screen to toggle on notifications.5. You are good to go. The notification will fire on the next time and day you specified. When it does, select the notification to launch the Amazon Appstore.

If you would like to configure more options, see below:

TEST NOTIFICATION NOW: Test the notification based on the currently selected options.SHOW APP NAME AND PRICE: Disabling this will prevent the app from connecting to the internet and show a generic notification in place of the normal notification showing app name and price.PLAY NOTIFICATION SOUND: Disable this to prevent a notification sound being played when the notification appears (sound will not play regardless if the phone is on silent/vibrate).SHOW NOTIFICATION ON BOOT: Disable this to prevent the app from launching a notification when you turn on the phone.

CAN I USE A TASK KILLER WITH THIS APP?Do NOT use any task killers on this app. Doing so may prevent this app from working properly. Besides, they don't do much good.

WAIT, JUST HOW ARE YOU GETTING INFORMATION ABOUT TODAY'S FREE APP?Small little PHP script that I wrote that reads the data from Amazon's webpage before sending it to you using as little data as possible. I also have plans down the road to make this process more efficient so it can retrieve data faster and more reliably.See the page I am using here:

If you don't want to use data, remember, you can always disable "Show app name and price".

I LIKE THIS PROGRAM, CAN I SHARE IT?Yes, you may absolutely share this program or mention it on other websites! Just be sure you give me credit and link back to my site (

HAVING ISSUES? FOUND A BUG? QUESTIONS OR SUGGESTIONS?Send me an email at skylark95atc@gmail.comI will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

ABOUT AMAZON FREE APP NOTIFIERAmazon Free App Notifier (Version 1.0.1)This app is provided free of charge without ads. If you would like to support my work please consider purchasing the donate version.Thanks,Sky ;)

TOOLS USED:jsoup - Simple HTML DOM Parser -

KEYWORDS:Amazon Free App of the DayAmazon App StoreAmazon Free AppAmazon App ReminderAmazon Free App Reminder

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