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App: NJTVision

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Category Travel
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
IMPORTANT: Transfers are optimized to reduce total travel time. Therefore, for some routes, trips shown in application may not exactly match with trips shown on NJ Transit site. When comparing check "arrival time".

NJTVision is an offline schedule viewer app for NJ transit train with support for transfers. If connected to internet supports alerts and real-time departure minutes countdown.

NOTE: First time setup requires internet connection to download schedule.

Features:* No internet connection required to view schedule.* Displays 5 upcoming trips and all trips for today and next 6 days.* Displays remaining minutes for arrival in 'Upcoming' view.* Reverse trip by tapping trip header.* Option to auto reverse trip after 4pm.* Tap trip to list stations where train will make stop.* Trip details view shows track number at transfer stations and remaining minutes if available.* Pin/UnPin trips with transfers. Once pinned, trip will show up everytime app is opened. Pinned trip is automatically unpinned once past destination arrival time.* Support for favorite trips.* Support for all NJ transit lines.

With internet connection:* Real-time remaining minutes.* Displays track information.* Displays alerts related to selected route.* Auto update schedules when available.

Application requires Android 2.1 and above.

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