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App: Business Mile Tracker

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Biz-Mile Tracker helps your success to cost less. It's the simplest app available that follows the guidelines required by the IRS to track your business related miles driven. After entering required information for your business related miles, reports for the week, month or year can be emailed or put on your SD Card. This app allows a person owning multiple businesses to differentiate between different company names in recording the information.

Why use this app?

Business owners: Currently, the IRS allows business owners to deduct 55 cents per mile of business related miles driven. This can add up over the year to be a substantial tax deduction that many business owners don’t take advantage of. This simple app fulfills the requirements of the IRS for documentation needed to claim these deductions.We suggest that at the end of each month or year you email yourself a copy of the Biz-Mile Tracker report and store it in a save place so that you can print it out in case you are ever audited. This app is a real peace of mind for those who take these business mile deductions. Just do it at the start and finish of your business drive. You’re business miles are now documented as required by the IRS!

Employees: If your employer reimburses you for your business miles, this app will probably satisfy their requirement for documentation. You can send a Biz -Mile Tracker report to them by email or send one to yourself and print out a copy for them. How easy can it get?

How it works:

1. Enter a new record by entering the minimal information required by the IRS on the Add New Record page.2. When you are ready for a report of your mileage, you may view the totals on the View/Edit page and/or email a report of all information or send it to your SD Card.3. When you send the report by email at the end of the year, print it out, file and store it in case of an audit. The documentation from the report will be sufficient in reporting your business miles deductions in case of an IRS audit.

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