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App: Anti Theft Alarm - Security

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
NEW UPDATE!!! Added 2 audio options for the alarm sound.

The Anti Theft Alarm protects your phone by sounding an alarm when someone moves your device or unplugs the charger from the outlet. When the alarm is triggered, a photo is taken and sent to your email address. Awesome and fun way to scare your friends, and secure your device at the act of being taken by a potential burglar, thief, or anybody intending to use your phone without your authorization.

Catch your friends and sneaky people trying to snoop on your phone with Anti Theft Alarm! Do your friends hack your Facebook status when you leave the room? Does your girlfriend read all your texts when you take a shower? With Anti Theft Alarm, thieves and up-to-no-gooders are greeted with a loud car alarm! It is fun way to catch friends, kids and family members accessing your device without your consent, and, at the same time, prevent your cell phone or tablet from being stolen by a thief or burglar.

It has also been used as protection and as an extra security measure for your cell phone. We have received lots of emails from users that have successful avoided their phone from being stolen, by catching the thief in the act of trying to get away with the user's device.


Mute function so you can set up the alarm secretly - NEW!!! Phone Charger Unplug Trigger - NEW!!!Revamped Web interface for locking and unlocking the Alarm remotely - NEW!!!Share the photos of the Snooper - Thief via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - NEW!Receive an Email with a Photo of the Snooper - Thief!Choose your own Alarm Sound! Remote Activation by Internet (lock and unlock)Paranoid Mode (Sounds alarm even if in standby).Motion Activated Alarm TriggerAdjustable SensitivityPassword Protected Unlock6 Unique SkinsTrigger Activation Delay ControlTrigger Deactivation Delay ControlLost Password RecoveryPrice: FREE!

What can you do with our app:Scare/joke with your friendsStop curious people from messing with your phone when you are not lookingPhone protection and defence against thieves and burglarsGhost Hunting :) (whether you believe in ghosts or not, our app has been used for that) Protect your computer, purse or personal belongs while you are not looking (by placing the phone with the locked Anti Theft Alarm on top of the computer)Protect your phone while it's being charged (plugged in an outlet)Add an extra layer of security, by stopping the burglar at the act of stealing itAs a Motion Alarm - Motion Sensor - Motion Detector - Detect any movement

If you like Anti Theft Alarm, check out Anti Theft Alarm Pro! Includes all the features above, but without ads.

Experiencing problems with the app? Please let us know at

Have Fun!

-The Jorli Team"

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