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App: SimpleIFTA Trucking IFTA Log

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Finally... Simple IFTA tracking that works!

A must have for any owner operator or small trucking company. So easy even a trucker can use it! ;)

It's called simple due to being so easy to use. Enter your odometer when you start the first trip of the quarter, enter again when you cross state lines, and finally at the end of the quarter. Enter fuel when you stop for fuel, you already entered the state when you crossed the line, so it's already taken care of.

Smart enough to know what states you can cross into when you go to enter the next! If you entered your starting state at the beginning of the quarter, from that point on only states that you can cross into will be offered as options when you enter a state line odometer reading. No need for scrolling through a long list of states, only the ones that are possible are there.

At the end of the quarter, start up SimpleIFTA again and it will ask you for the ending odometer reading. You can then you can start the next quarter.

Only the information you need...When the quarter is complete, view the report to get the numbers for your filing. Only what you need is shown. Including total miles traveled, total fuel purchased, and the important miles per gallon that the rest of the filing will depend on.Only states with travel will be listed, along with individual miles and fuel purchased. Copy it over to the filing form and figure the tax.

NEW FEATURE!Want more? After you complete a quarter, you can download active rates when they become available(typically during the last month of the quarter). When you go to view your report, the download option is visible. After downloading, you will see a completed report along with all tax values pre-calculated... put the calculator down, you won't need it!

International Notes: ONLY US LOWER 48 STATES ARE COVERED. If you want Canada added, just let us know.

04/24/2013 - CANADA ADDED!Canadian Note: Values are NOT Converted. Only use Gallons when entering fuel. Odometer entries are Assumed in Miles are calculated for mpg/taxes so keep entering odometer readings in Miles.

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