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App: NoTXTnDrive

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Category Transportation
Requires os version:Android1.5 and up
This is the Award Winning NOTXT n' Drive APP seen on ABC News, NBC, NPR, FOX News, CNBC, Associated Press and more. This the ORIGINAL NO TEXTING and DRIVING APP designed to stop distracted driving and help keep you safe on the road.

The NOTXT n’ Drive™ App is simple to use, utilizing the GPS of the mobile phone to determine driving and runsin the background of a mobile users phone.

The App automatically activates when driving is detected and restricts the phone including calls, texting and email allowing the driver to focus on the road. Once NOTXT n’ Drive™ detects that the user has stopped driving, it automatically deactivates and phone functions return to normal.

Version 2.0 includes password protection so parents can set the app, and can not be deactivated without a password.

Passengers can simply deactivate the app and just remember to activate again before you are the driver.

Initial Set up for NOTXT n’ Drive™:(This is initial set up only)

Once the App is downloaded, allow permissions and you can now use the App.

The App will now appear in your Application folder.

How to use NOTXT n’ Drive™:

NOTXT n’ Drive™ is simple to use. Once you set the original settings your phone will be disabled when the Appdetects motion over 10MPH(KPH) when you stop driving the functions return to normal.

DIRECTIONSPassword Protect: Use this option to set a password. This password will be required to get to the settings page where you can Activate/Deactivate the app.

Settings: Go to this page to change settings such as unit of speed (MPH/KPH), speed limit at which to block communications, and what frequency to check the speed.

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