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App: Media Tracker (Movies, etc..)

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Category Media & Video
Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
Store your media inventory for quick reference. Scan the barcodes to find information on your media. Scan to see if you already own it. Don't have a barcode or is it barely readable, try our NEW Title Search or enter your media manually.Scans Movies, Games, and Audio formats including (DVD, Blu-ray, VCR, AudioCD, NintendoDS, Wii, PS Vita, PS3, PS2, PS1, XBox360, XBox, HD DVD, Laserdisc, Nintendo3DS, Sony PSP, Sony UMD, Digital Category, Sega, PC, Game Boy Advance, Game Cube, Vinyl) and more coming. Have a digital media format you want added send an email request. Can't seem to find your media tell us and we'll add it. Don't require all of these formats, you can turn off categories in the preferences.

Included Features

 · PHONE and TABLET support · Search for your Media by Title, Barcode or using Manual entry · SEARCH BY (Local): title, released date, genre, stars/developers, ratings, barcode, stored location, format · SORT BY : title, genre, global rating, personal rating, format, locale, stored location · GROUP BY media format · Online Viewing from any computer with a browser · Cover Art shown in the list view · Larger Image view available in Media View mode · Numeric Counters now for Export/Import · Minimal NL support · Batch scanning · Personal and Global Ratings · Media Lending · Media Wishlist · Backup and Restore (as XML or CSV) · Push/Pull backup's to an FTP or SFTP server · Personal Notes · More than one copy? Enter a qty (turn on via preferences) · Full local help documentation · Want your own custom images on your entry (long press the image in edit mode) · Storage location, enter where you stored the media and search and/or sort on that field (turn on via preferences) · Move to SD Card · Cover Art resizing for preferred viewing · Made Registration Optional (with restrictions) · Ability to Report Issue(s) on Media Records via View/Edit screens · Show/Hide Categories you won't use

Available Preferences · Ability to Show/Hide Categories and add custom colors for background and text · Change which fields to search on · Customize sorting results · Group media types · Change colors of the application to your liking · Change Data Source Ordering*

*(Data Source Ordering)Locale PrioritiesPrefer searching for media from other regions first? Use the Drag and Drop interface in the Preferences to set your search order US, UK, CA, DE, FR, JP, and NL.

· Like it? Please Rate us in the Market· Having issues or want to request a new feature? Please Email Requests or Issues so we can get a chance to fix them.


· No AU Barcode Support· Very little NZ Barcode Support· Currently only an English translation is available, (Spanish is in progress) if you would like to help with other translations please contact us at

FAQs available here

Issues with ZXing 4.0? Try reverting to this older version, also for those prior to Android 2.1

****If we don't know there's an issue we can't fix or address it, so please if you have requests or issues send them via Menu, More, ContactUs. Thank you very much.****

Formats Currently Available:Movies (DVD, Blu-ray, VCR, HD DVD, Laserdisc, Sony UMD, Digital Category) , Audio , Games (NintendoDS, Wii, PS Vita, PS3, PS2, PS1, XBox360, XBox, Nintendo3DS, Sony PSP, Sega, PC, Game Boy Advance, Game Cube, Vinyl)

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