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App: Slow Motion PRO

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Category Media & Video
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
For questions/issues please email

Slow Motion PRO is a slow motion video viewer! You can either choose a file from your recorded video folder or make a new recording in the app and get to choose the speed of the video!

If you want bulk downloads of the app for companies or groups, email and get a discount!!!!

Great for:Perfecting Dance movesImproving Team sportsAnalyzing Any Sport footage!Watching natureWatching somebody get slappedWavesAnd much more!

Gestures (requested for fullscreen, but works in both modes) -Swipe right to play -Swipe left to pause -Swipe up or down to enable/disable fullscreen

PRO version:-Frame rate bar sensitivity options-Removes those annoying ads -apps2sd support-Gets updates before the free version!-No recording length limit!-Gives you PRO Status!

Coming soon:User requests

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