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App: Video Full Screen Caller ID pr

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Category Media & Video
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Video ringtone. Video caller id. Full screen caller id.Use a Video clip or a Picture from your phone's gallery as caller id. The selected picture is displayed in Full may also use a video clip as your default can also speak out the sender's name and contents of an sms.

there is a free trial version available which you may download and try it out for 4 days

see the attached youtube video for a quick demostration.


*add video contacts and select a video for each one *add Full Screen picture contacts and select a picture for each one *edit a video or picture contact to change the orientation display *choose whether you need a caller's stock photo to be displayed in a small frame over the video clip *edit a video to set starting and ending position during playback *select whether you need a default video to play for contacts not in the list. First select a default video and then check the "enable default video" option *set volume for video playback *while in a Full screen picture call, you may touch the android to go back to your phone's dialer

notes: *if you decide to use a default video as a ringtone then it would be good to change your stock ringtone to one that will not override completely the sound of your video clip. *if you choose a portait picture to be displayed as landscape the application will override your selection and display it as portait. *to increase the volume of your default video go to settings, sound, volume and adjust the media volume *if your ring tone is set to silent then your video's clip volume will be automatically silenced during playback * a full screen picture will take the whole of your phone's display if its resolution is at least the resolution of your phone and its displayed mode (por or landscape) matches the mode the pic it was captured. * flv youtube video clips can not be played. first you have to convert them to mp4 using an flv to mp4 converter or you better download them from youtube directly in mp4 format. you may also copy a portion of the video using avidemux.

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