App: Weight Tracker

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Are you overweight or underweight? Does obesity stand in way of your normal life, well being and health?

Now record your weight daily or occasionally for ready reference with you
Enter your daily weight readings in the Application and set a goal
You can analyze and make sure to take maintain ideal weight
Benefits and Useful tips on how to Gain or Loose weight in natural ways

Supported Devices

LG BL20, LG BL40, LG BL40 New Chocolate, LG BL42k, LG CB630, LG CB630 Invision, LG CF360, LG Cookie 3G T320, LG Cookie Style T310, LG Cookie T300, LG CT810, LG CU720, LG CU915, LG CU915 Vu, LG CU920, LG Fathom (LG VS750), LG GC900, LG GC900F, LG GD310, LG GD330, LG GD510 , LG GD550, LG GD580 Lollipop, LG GD710, LG GD880 Mini, LG GD900, LG GM210, LG GM310, LG GM630, LG GM650s, LG GM730, LG GM750, LG GR500, LG GR500F, LG GS290 Cookie Fresh, LG GS500 Cookie Plus, LG GT350, LG GT400 Viewty Smile, LG GT500, LG GT505, LG GT540, LG GT810H, LG GT950 Arena, LG GW300, LG GW370 Rumour Plus, LG GW520, LG GW525, LG GW550, LG GW620, LG GW820 eXpo, LG GW990, LG GX500, LG HB620 / KB620, LG HB620T, LG Incite, LG KB770, LG KB775, LG KC550, LG KC560, LG KC780, LG KC910, LG KC910E, LG KC910I, LG KC910Q, LG KC910QA, LG KE800, LG KE850, LG KE970, LG KE990 / KE990D, LG KE998, LG KF300 / KF300D, LG KF305, LG KF350, LG KF350C, LG KF510, LG KF690, LG KF700, LG KF701, LG KF750, LG KF755, LG KF757, LG KF900, LG KG300, LG KG300j, LG KG70, LG KG920, LG KH3900 Joypop, LG KM338, LG KM380, LG KM385, LG KM386, LG KM500, LG KM501 Obigo, LG KM555E, LG KM570 Cookie Gig, LG KM710, LG KM900, LG KM900F, LG KP320 Obigo, LG KP500, LG KP501 Cookie, LG KP502 Cookie, LG KP570Q, LG KS10, LG KS10 JOY, LG KS20, LG KS360, LG KS365, LG KS500, LG KS660, LG KT520, LG KT525, LG KT610, LG KT615, LG KT770, LG KU2100 (LG-SU210 or LU2100), LG KU580, LG KU800, LG KU970, LG KU990, LG KU990I, LG LG280, LG LG830, LG LG8550, LG LG8700, LG LG8800, LG LU2300, LG LX265, LG LX280, LG LX290, LG LX370, LG LX600, LG LX610, LG ME830d, LG MG800, LG MS25, LG Scarlet II TV, LG SU420 Cafe, LG SU920 (LG KU9200), LG SU950, LG TU720, LG U400, LG U960, LG U970, LG U970 (Shine), LG Vu Plus, LG VX9900, LG Wink 3G T320, LG Xenon, Nokia 2700 classic, Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition, Nokia 2730 classic, Nokia 3120 classic, Nokia 3208 classic, Nokia 3600 slide, Nokia 3610 fold, Nokia 3710 fold, Nokia 3720 classic, Nokia 5000, Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, Nokia 5220 XpressMusic, Nokia 5228, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5230 Nuron, Nokia 5233, Nokia 5235, Nokia 5250, Nokia 5300, Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, Nokia 5320 XpressMusic, Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition, Nokia 5330 XpressMusic, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia 5610 XpressMusic, Nokia 5630 XpressMusic, Nokia 5700 XpressMusic, Nokia 5730 XpressMusic, Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia 6120 classic, Nokia 6121 classic, Nokia 6124 classic, Nokia 6126, Nokia 6131, Nokia 6131 NFC, Nokia 6133, Nokia 6208 classic, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia 6212 classic, Nokia 6216 classic, Nokia 6220 classic, Nokia 6233, Nokia 6234, Nokia 6260 slide, Nokia 6263, Nokia 6265, Nokia 6265i, Nokia 6267, Nokia 6270, Nokia 6275, Nokia 6275i, Nokia 6280, Nokia 6282, Nokia 6288, Nokia 6290, Nokia 6300, Nokia 6300i, Nokia 6301, Nokia 6303 classic, Nokia 6303i classic, Nokia 6350, Nokia 6500 classic, Nokia 6500 slide, Nokia 6555, Nokia 6600 fold, Nokia 6600 slide, Nokia 6600i slide, Nokia 6650 fold, Nokia 6700 classic, Nokia 6700 slide, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 6720 classic, Nokia 6730 classic, Nokia 6750 Mural, Nokia 6760 slide, Nokia 6788, Nokia 6788i, Nokia 6790 Surge, Nokia 6790 slide, Nokia 7020, Nokia 7100 Supernova, Nokia 7210 Supernova, Nokia 7230, Nokia 7310 Supernova, Nokia 7370, Nokia 7373, Nokia 7390, Nokia 7500 Prism, Nokia 7510 Supernova, Nokia 7610 Supernova, Nokia 7710, Nokia 7900 Prism, Nokia 8600 Luna, Nokia 8800 Arte, Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte, Nokia 8800 Gold Arte, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9300i, Nokia 9500, Nokia C3-00, Nokia C3-01, Nokia C5-00, Nokia C5-01, Nokia C6-00, Nokia E5-00, Nokia E50, Nokia E51, Nokia E52, Nokia E55, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62, Nokia E63, Nokia E65, Nokia E66, Nokia E70, Nokia E71, Nokia E71x, Nokia E72, Nokia E73, Nokia E75, Nokia E90 Communicator, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N76, Nokia N77, Nokia N78, Nokia N79, Nokia N8, Nokia N80, Nokia N81, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N82, Nokia N85, Nokia N86 8MP, Nokia N90, Nokia N900, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N95-3 NAM, Nokia N96, Nokia N96-3, Nokia N97, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia X2-00, Nokia X3, Nokia X3-02, Nokia X5-00, Nokia X5-01, Nokia X6, Nokia X6 16GB, Nokia X6 8GB, Samsung A687 Strive, Samsung A697 Sunburst, Samsung A701, Samsung A711, Samsung A717, Samsung A797 Flight, Samsung A801, Samsung A811, Samsung A821, Samsung A847 Rugby II, Samsung A867 Eternity, Samsung A877 Impression, Samsung A886 Forever, Samsung A887 Solstice, Samsung A897 Mythic, Samsung A900, Samsung A900P, Samsung A927 Flight II, Samsung A990, Samsung B3310, Samsung B3410, Samsung B3410W Ch@t, Samsung B5310 CorbyPRO, Samsung B5702, Samsung B5722, Samsung B6520 Omnia PRO 5, Samsung B7300 OmniaLITE, Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO, Samsung B7330 OmniaPRO, Samsung B7350 Omnia PRO 4, Samsung B7610 OmniaPRO, Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani, Samsung B7722, Samsung C3060R, Samsung C3200 Monte Bar, Samsung C3300K Champ, Samsung C3510 GeNoa, Samsung C5510, Samsung C6112, Samsung C6620, Samsung Cingular SYNC A707, Samsung Corby S3653 , Samsung Corby TV, Samsung D600, Samsung D608, Samsung D780, Samsung D800, Samsung D820, Samsung D830, Samsung D840, Samsung D880 Duos, Samsung D900, Samsung D900i, Samsung D980, Samsung E840, Samsung E890, Samsung E898, Samsung E900, Samsung E908, Samsung E910, Samsung E910 Serene, Samsung E950, Samsung F330, Samsung F400, Samsung F480, Samsung F480i, Samsung F490, Samsung F500, Samsung F520, Samsung F700, Samsung G400 Soul, Samsung G600, Samsung G800, Samsung G810, Samsung GT-S5603, Samsung i200, Samsung i300, Samsung i310, Samsung i320, Samsung I320N, Samsung i400, Samsung i450, Samsung i450v, Samsung I520, Samsung i520v, Samsung i550, Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5, Samsung i550w, Samsung i560, Samsung I5700, Samsung i600, Samsung i607 BlackJack, Samsung i617 BlackJack II, Samsung I620V, Samsung I6210, Samsung I6220 Star TV, Samsung i637 Jack, Samsung i640, Samsung I6500U Galaxy, Samsung i710, Samsung i7110, Samsung I718, Samsung i7410, Samsung I750, Samsung I7500 Galaxy, Samsung i760, Samsung i770 Saga, Samsung i780, Samsung I8000 Omnia II, Samsung I8000 Omnia II, Samsung i8510 INNoV8, Samsung I8520 Beam, Samsung i8910 Omnia HD, Samsung i897 Captivate, Samsung i900 Omnia, Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, Samsung i907 Epix, Samsung L770, Samsung L810v Steel, Samsung L870, Samsung M2710 Beat Twist, Samsung M3200 Beat s, Samsung M3310, Samsung M3510 Beat b, Samsung M3710 Corby Beat, Samsung M5650 Lindy, Samsung M6710 Beat DISC, Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani, Samsung M7600 Beat DJ, Samsung M7603, Samsung M8800 Pixon, Samsung M8910 Pixon12, Samsung Metro TV, Samsung P310, Samsung P520 Armani, Samsung P700, Samsung P850, Samsung P910, Samsung P920, Samsung P930, Samsung P940, Samsung S3310, Samsung S3500, Samsung S3550 Shark 3, Samsung S3650 Corby, Samsung S3650W Corby, Samsung S500i, Samsung S5050, Samsung S5150 Diva folder, Samsung S5200, Samsung S5230 Star, Samsung S5230W Star WiFi, Samsung 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Vodafone, Samsung Z620, Samsung Z630, Samsung Z630B, Samsung Z650i, Samsung Z710, Samsung Z720, Samsung ZV50, Sony Ericsson Aspen (Faith), Sony Ericsson BRAVIA S004, Sony Ericsson BRAVIA S004, Sony Ericsson C510, Sony Ericsson C510a, Sony Ericsson C510c, Sony Ericsson C702, Sony Ericsson C702a, Sony Ericsson C702c, Sony Ericsson C901, Sony Ericsson C901Greenheart, Sony Ericsson C902, Sony Ericsson C902c, Sony Ericsson C903, Sony Ericsson C903a, Sony Ericsson C905, Sony Ericsson C905a, Sony Ericsson C905c, Sony Ericsson Cedar, Sony Ericsson Cedar, Sony Ericsson Elm, Sony Ericsson G502, Sony Ericsson G700, Sony Ericsson G700c, Sony Ericsson G705, Sony Ericsson G705a, Sony Ericsson G705u, Sony Ericsson G900, Sony Ericsson Hazel, Sony Ericsson J105a, Sony Ericsson Jalou, Sony Ericsson JalouD&Gedition, Sony Ericsson K660i, Sony Ericsson K770i, Sony Ericsson K770iv, Sony Ericsson K790, Sony Ericsson K790a, Sony Ericsson K790c, Sony Ericsson K790i, Sony Ericsson K800c, Sony Ericsson K800i, 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F952, ZTE Raise, ZTE T2, ZTE T7, ZTE Vodafone 1231, ZTE X760, ZTE Xiang,
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