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App: TouchTax - Mobile Tax Deskbook

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Overview of features:

* Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (offline access!)* Treasury Regulations (offline access!)* Internal Revenue Bulletins (since 2003)* Notices, Rev. Procs., Rev. Rulings, Announcements, Treasury Decisions, etc.* Full keyword search (Code, Regulations and IRBs)* Note taking

Tax Code and Regulations - TouchTax Mobile App (Tax Deskbook App) provides easy and affordable offline access on your Android phone and tablet to all 7,700+ sections of the latest edition of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the Code), the Treasury Regulations in Title 26 of the Code of Federal Regulations (the Regulations) *and* the Internal Revenue Bulletins since 2003. One application purchase includes both the tablet version and the phone version. Includes latest user interface improvements for Android systems.

TouchTax replaces your physical copies of the Code, Regulations and IRBs (Rev. Rul., Rev. Proc., T.D., Temporary Regulations, etc.) with electronic versions that are always up-to-date, while giving you some frequently requested advanced features making it easy to read and manage the law.

The Code and Regulations incorporated into TouchTax are full version electronic adaptations of the official law published by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the United States House of Representatives, the Treasury Department and the U.S. Government Printing Office. As of October 2012, TouchTax contains the latest publications of the Code (current through April 5, 2012) and Regulations (current through April 1, 2012). The Internal Revenue Bulletins are updated weekly from the official Internal Revenue Service sources.

TouchTax is expected to be updated as soon as new versions of the Code and Regulations are made available. Internal Revenue Bulletins are updated approximately weekly (depending on IRS database availability) and appear automatically on your device (as soon as it's connected to the Internet). The next official version of the Code and Regulations is expected to be available in June 2013 (that's when the federal government publishes the updated versions).

TouchTax includes the ability to load and read all 7,700+ sections of the Code and Regulations offline without the need for an Internet connection. The keyword search function (needs Internet connection) provide full-text searching of the Code and Regulation sections, and all Internal Revenue Bulletins based on exact keyword matches as well as natural language relevancy hits.

TouchTax also permits you to add individual notes to Code and Regulation sections and to email entire Code or Regulation sections along with your notes (which the author thinks is a very convenient feature!). TouchTax also has a bookmark/favorites feature, permitting you to bookmark frequently referenced sections, as well as other relevant links, including a link to lookup IRS tax forms. TouchTax also includes full tables of content for the Code and Regulations listing all available sections for offline viewing.

If you enjoy using TouchTax, please consider leaving positive feedback in the application market. Read “Getting Started” on the support site for more information on how to get started with your Code and Regulation reading using TouchTax.

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