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App: NM Gun Collecting Software

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Use this simple no-nonsense collecting software to capture key information (including pictures, identification, receipt and disposition) for your gun collection. Can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with the desktop version of NM Collector Software.

The intent of these applications is to work in conjunction with the Desktop version of NM Collector Software which makes it easy to input data. That data can then be easily transferred to your mobile device to take with you and make minor adjustments (like easily adding pictures) as necessary on the go and then uploading the changes back to the desktop. Although the mobile apps allow you to enter data from scratch, they are not meant to be the primary means of data entry.

In addition to writing this software, I actually use it myself but there is no way I can cover the full range of possibilities that you will put it through. If you encounter any problems please let me know. Please include as many details as to what caused the problem as possible.

I have great plans for this software; however, I can't do it without suggestions from you. So, in addition to reporting any problems you encounter, please send in your suggestions for improvements. Please feel free to email me at with any issues or suggestions.



Other collection-specific versions of NM Collector Software for the Android (such as NM Items, NM Home Inventory, NM Guns, NM Knives, NM Japanese Swords, NM Coins, NM Stamps) are being made available as well. More than one can be used at once so purchase only the one or more that best fit your specific documentation and collecting needs.

Current Features Pictures (load from camera, gallery, and SD card) Identification Notes Receipt Disposition Export / Import (can use to synch with desktop) Duplicate (pictures and dispositions are not duplicated) Sort Filter (can be used to search for items) Thumbnails in Item List

Future Features More Collection Types


All collection types share the same receipt and disposition fields as follows: Business Name License Street 1 Street 2 City State Zip I.D Other Doc D.O.B Date Price

NM Guns Specific Fields Notes Manufacturer Model Type Serial Number Caliber Or Gauge Condition Metal Finish Stock or Grip Type

Reason for each Required Permission – no other reasons than what is stated here. CHECK_LICENSE For Android Market license WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE For Export to SD card INTERNET For access to on-line help

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