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Operating system:Java
Requires touch screen:NO
Want to have God & Goddes in your Mobile?
Now see the Slide show with God Photos
Watch slide show of all images.
'Options' menu helps you to change Image.

Supporte Devices

LG C105,LG CU320,LG CU400,LG CU405,LG CU500,LG CU515,LG CU575,LG GB220,LG GB230,LG GB250,LG GB280,LG GD350,LG GM200,LG GS200,LG GU230,LG GU280,LG GU285,LG GX300,LG KE500,LG KE520,LG KE590,LG KE770,LG KF240,LG KF245,LG KF310,LG KF311,LG KF390,LG KG320,LG KG800 Chocolate,LG KG810,LG KP270,LG KP275,LG KP330,LG KU250,LG KU311,LG KU380,LG KU385,LG KU450,LG KU730,LG L5100,LG L600v,LG LG380,LG LG385,LG LG8600,LG LX260,LG 260,LG 570,LG LX570,LG M4300,LG M4410,LG ME550c,LG MG295,LG MG810,LG P7200,LG S5300,LG T5100,LG TU500,LG TU515,LG TU550,LG TU575,LG U250,LG U300,LG U310,LG U370,LG U450,LG U8110,LG U8120,LG U8130,LG U8138,LG U8150,LG U8180,LG U8200,LG U8210,LG U8290,LG U8330,LG U8360,LG U8380,LG U8500,LG U880,LG U890,LG VX7000,LG VX8000,Samsung 551,Samsung A177,Samsung A257 Magnet,Samsung A501,Samsung A517,Samsung A561,Samsung A657,Samsung A737,Samsung A746,Samsung A767,Samsung A777,Samsung A790,Samsung A795,Samsung A837 Rugby,Samsung A890,Samsung A940,Samsung A970,Samsung B2700,Samsung C3110,Samsung C5130,Samsung C5212,Samsung C5220,Samsung D307,Samsung D410,Samsung D410C,Samsung D415,Samsung D500,Samsung D500C,Samsung D500E,Samsung D508,Samsung D510,Samsung D520,Samsung D720,Samsung D807,Samsung E200,Samsung E200 ECO,Samsung E258,Samsung E380,Samsung E390,Samsung E490,Samsung E500,Samsung E530,Samsung E530C,Samsung E570,Samsung E570L,Samsung E576,Samsung E610,Samsung E618,Samsung E620,Samsung E640,Samsung E720,Samsung E720C,Samsung E730,Samsung E738,Samsung E740,Samsung E740,Samsung E746,Samsung E760,Samsung E770,Samsung E780,Samsung E790,Samsung E830,Samsung E870,Samsung E878,Samsung E880,Samsung F110,Samsung F268,Samsung F270 Beat,Samsung F300,Samsung IP-A790,Samsung J150,Samsung J200,Samsung J210,Samsung J400,Samsung J610,Samsung J630,Samsung J750,Samsung J800 Luxe,Samsung L170,Samsung L310,Samsung L320,Samsung L600,Samsung L700,Samsung L760,Samsung M2310,Samsung M2510,Samsung M2520 Beat TechNo,Samsung M500,Samsung M510,Samsung M520,Samsung MM A880,Samsung MM-A900,Samsung MM-A920,Samsung P200,Samsung P250,Samsung P260,Samsung P270,Samsung P300,Samsung P716,Samsung P730,Samsung P730C,Samsung P735,Samsung P738,Samsung P777,Samsung PLSM520,Samsung R500,Samsung S3030 Tobi,Samsung S3100,Samsung S3110,Samsung S341i,Samsung S3600,Samsung S400i,Samsung S410i,Samsung S501i,Samsung S730i,Samsung S9110,Samsung T339,Samsung T349,Samsung T401G,Samsung T459 Gravity,Samsung T609,Samsung T619,Samsung T629,Samsung T709,Samsung T729 Blast,Samsung T819,Samsung U100,Samsung U420,Samsung U520,Samsung U540,Samsung U740,Samsung X700,Samsung X800,Samsung X820,Samsung Z130,Samsung Z140,Samsung Z150,Samsung Z170,Samsung Z220,Samsung Z230,Samsung Z240,Samsung Z300,Samsung Z308,Samsung Z310,Samsung Z320i,Samsung Z360,Samsung Z370,Samsung Z500,Samsung Z500V,Samsung ZM60,Samsung ZV10,Samsung ZV30,Samsung ZV40,Samsung ZV60,Samsung ZX20,Sony Ericsson D750i,Sony Ericsson F305,Sony Ericsson F305c,Sony Ericsson K530c,Sony Ericsson K530i,Sony Ericsson K550c,Sony Ericsson K550i,Sony Ericsson K550im,Sony Ericsson K600,Sony Ericsson K600i,Sony Ericsson K608,Sony Ericsson K608i,Sony Ericsson K610,Sony Ericsson K610,Sony Ericsson K610c,Sony Ericsson K610i,Sony Ericsson K610im,Sony Ericsson K610iv,Sony Ericsson K618i,Sony Ericsson K630i,Sony Ericsson K700,Sony Ericsson K750c,Sony Ericsson K750i,Sony Ericsson K758c,Sony Ericsson S302,Sony Ericsson S312,Sony Ericsson V600,Sony Ericsson V600i,Sony Ericsson V630i,Sony Ericsson V640,Sony Ericsson V640i,Sony Ericsson V800,Sony Ericsson V802,Sony Ericsson W302,Sony Ericsson W302c,Sony Ericsson W350a,Sony Ericsson W350c,Sony Ericsson W350i,Sony Ericsson W380a,Sony Ericsson W380c,Sony Ericsson W380i,Sony Ericsson W395,Sony Ericsson W550c,Sony Ericsson W550i,Sony Ericsson W600c,Sony Ericsson W600i,Sony Ericsson W610c,Sony Ericsson W610i,Sony Ericsson W660i,Sony Ericsson W700,Sony Ericsson W700c,Sony Ericsson W700i,Sony Ericsson W710,Sony Ericsson W710c,Sony Ericsson W710i,Sony Ericsson W800,Sony Ericsson W800c,Sony Ericsson W800i,Sony Ericsson W810,Sony Ericsson W810c,Sony Ericsson W810i,Sony Ericsson Z1010,Sony Ericsson Z550,Sony Ericsson Z550a,Sony Ericsson Z550c,Sony Ericsson Z550i,Sony Ericsson Z555a,Sony Ericsson Z555i,Sony Ericsson Z558,Sony Ericsson Z610,Sony Ericsson Z610,Sony Ericsson Z610i,Sony Ericsson Z710,Sony Ericsson Z710c,Sony Ericsson Z710i,Sony Ericsson Z800i
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