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App: Spirit Hunter

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Category Lifestyle
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Spirit Hunter is an multi-faceted paranormal investigation aid. It uses the sensors built into your android device in the same way similar sensors are used in professional equipment. It analyzes audio, allowing you to hear sound outside the normal audio spectrum, as well as magnetic fields, gravitational fields, and proximity. It also has a mapping feature for graveyards and reported haunts nearby.

This is by far the most comprehensive app in this category, combing multiple worldwide databases with over 100,000 entries, and real-time integrated anomaly sensors.

Some of the reported locations on the map have detailed write-ups. Add your own experiences! Just touch one of the tombstone icons to see information about a graveyard, or touch on a ghost figure to see what others say about a haunt.

The anomaly sensor combines a mini oscilloscope, a mini spectrum analyzer, time/time raster and spectrogram displays, a magnetic field sensor, a gravitational field sensor, and proximity sensors to determine overall paranormal activity - displayed as an easy to read bar graph.

Paranormal investigation is an art-form, and only the investigator can draw conclusions. The displays should not be construed as definitive, but rather, are meant as guides. Paranormal activity does not necessarily imply supernatural activity.

The graveyard feature could be useful for genealogy purposes as well.

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