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App: Talkadroid

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Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
Unleash the power - give your Android device a voice! Have Talkadroid read aloud PDF, DOCs, webpages, and even translate to and from over 55 languages! Type or say anything and have it speak it back to you!

Talkadroid is the one-of-a-kind Text to Speech & Translator application that will speak out-loud anything you give to it!

• Read out your important documents, pdf, or web pages on the go*• Create your own custom ringtones and alarms• Download and use 35+ Premium SVOX voices• Mess with your friends!• Have your phone translate & say anything in 55+ different languages• Email someone an audio letter• Save and load your favorite phrases on the fly• Includes 3 built-in customizable soundboards for those with speaking difficulties to carry on quick conversations• Everything you could ever want in a Text to Speech app, and then some!

*** Go to Menu -> 'Get More Voices' to Preview the 35+ new voices available by SVOX!NOTE: If you already purchased any SVOX voices in Talkadroid Lite or anywhere else, they will automatically show up in Talkadroid Pro.

---FAQ---Q: What voices are included?A: 6 Free voices are included (English (US), English (UK), Spanish, French, Italian, and German). If you're looking for higher quality speech, we've worked with SVOX to allow their top-notch voices to be integrated into Talkadroid seamlessly. If you'd like to purchase or preview the one's available, press the menu key while in Talkadroid and press "Get More Voices".

Q: How can I make Talkadroid read webpages?A: In your device's internet browser, press menu->share, then select Talkadroid. Note: to protect your privacy, Talkadroid will not read secure webpages that require a login.

Q: Why am I getting 'unsupported file' when trying to load a document?A: Talkadroid currently supports text-based PDFs, .Txt files, and most .doc and .docx files. Support is constantly expanding, but requires your help! If you have a file that isn't working, email it to us at

Q: How do I add or edit an existing button in the soundboard?A: Long press an existing button to add, edit, or delete. You can also press the menu key on your device to add a button.

Q: Why does it sometimes take a while to translate?A: To save space and battery life, Talkadroid gets it's translation data via the internet. If you have a poor connection, it can take longer than expected.

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