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App: SBB Mobile

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Category Transportation
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
SBB Mobile offers you timetable information in real time. You therefore have your own ticket machine with you in this app, wherever you are.

Please note: for customers of SBB Businesstravel there is the "SBB Mobile Business" app.

SBB Mobile is your mobile connection to public transport and offers you the following functions:

Timetable functions• Timetable enquiries for national, international and city connections.• Search for stations, stops and (contact) addresses with GPS support.• Push notifications for delays, platform changes, occupancy information, etc.• "Take me home" function.• Departure and arrival tables.• Display of interim stops as well as journey information in real time.• Map views of start and destination locations.• Calendar import and e-mailing of timetable connections.• Swift access thanks to selection of favourites.

Ticket functions• Purchasing and display of public transport tickets in Switzerland for up to 8 passengers.• The offer includes individual tickets, fare network tickets, 1-day travelpasses, class upgrades and seat reservations for Switzerland.• Payment can be made by credit card or PostFinance card. The precondition is one-off registration in SBB Ticket Shop (menu item "Tickets").

Further information:

Data security and authorisationsWhy does SBB Mobile require authorisations?

Location:To use the "take me home" function and display the stops in the vicinity of the current location, the GPS function must be active.

Internet access:To transmit timetable and ticket request enquiries.

Contact data:So that you import passengers travelling with you from the address book when you purchase tickets and can select contact addresses as destinations for timetable enquiries.

Calendar and e-mail:To import timetable information into the calendar, SBB Mobile Business requires writing and reading rights.

Storage:For the offline functions such as lists of stops, connections (history and favourites) and purchasing tickets.

Deactivate standby mode:Prevents the smartphone screen being turned off and the device being put on standby before you have received a push notification.

Control vibration alarm:So that the device can vibrate when a push notification comes in.

Android camera hardware control elements:To be able to use the integrated QR reader.

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