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App: Learn Spanish with MA

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Category Education
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Learn Spanish with Mawuood Academy Here's a quick an easy way to learn Spanish with these excellent Spanish speaking lessons.This app contains 34 sections, each with an extensive phrase collection. A wide variety of topics are covered in a fun and easy to understanad way.

- Basic expressions- Cardinal Numbers- Ordinal Numbers- Time Vocabulary- How to ask for the time- The days of the week- Months of the year- The Four Seasons - The Four Directions- How to tell the date- Subject Pronouns- Object Pronouns- Colours- Body- Family- Feelings- Jobs- Food- Fruits- Vegetables- House- Clothes- People Hair- School- Farm Animals- Bathroom- Bedroom- City- Dining Room- Kitchen- Living Room- Utility Room- Weather- Holidays and festivals

Features:- More than 1000 phrases , expressions and vocabulary with pronunciation - High quality audio recorded by a native speaker- No internet connection is required- It is possible to move the applications from internal memory to external memory card- Enter a Spanish word or English in the text field to search in the application

Begin hearing and understanding native speakers now!

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