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App: Eric Carle's My Very First App

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Category Education
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Ever since The Very Hungry Caterpillar ate his way through a week of food, Eric Carle has become known internationally for his distinctive hand-painted tissue collage style and innovative book design. He created some of the first truly interactive storybooks. Now Night & Day Studios has adapted Eric Carle’s vibrant illustrations from My Very First Books into a suite of interactive, educational games.

The app contains 3 levels of game play: Easy (ages 1-3), Medium (ages 2 and up) and Hard (ages 3 and up). These gently increasing stages of difficulty can grow along with your child, and continue to challenge them throughout their early learning years. In Easy mode the screen is divided in half—just like the original books—and your child can swipe the lower and upper halves to find a match (for example, the color yellow with a picture of lemons). The Medium and Hard modes are based on the game of Memory; players are presented with a set of cards face down and must find a pair by flipping over cards and identifying their matches or their related concepts. For this version, we have translated all the text and narration into Spanish too. There is a loop mode for endless play, and two different ways for little kids to play Easy mode. With our innovative “tap & hold” feature, you can also help your little ones stay in the game instead of accidentally going to the home screen or changing options. Go to the Options & Help screen and choose Settings to turn on these features or switch to Spanish. The app comes with Colors and Animal Homes for all three levels. Customize your own library by adding Numbers, Shapes, Food, and Animal Sounds, available as in-app purchases for 99 cents each. Later this year Words and Motion will be added to the in-app purchase section. Each set has been adapted for all three game levels. We have been fans of Eric Carle since we were kids ourselves, and it has been an honor to work on this project with the Eric Carle Studio and Chorion. The graphics, sound effects, and narration are all presented at the highest quality.

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