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App: AirWatch Inbox

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Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
We are excited to announce the release of our new Android Inbox v1.4.1!

Secure, Robust Email SolutionAirWatch Inbox was designed to offer the functionality and usability of Android’s native email client while meeting IT requirements for secure email viewing and provisioning.

Specifications- Supported by Android 4.0 devices and higher- Requires AirWatch 6.4 Console or higher

Key Features of AirWatch Inbox v1.4- Fully supports Exchange ActiveSync- Restricts usage to only managed email accounts - AES 256 bit encryption

- Enhanced security features-- Password/Pin protect the application-- Set restrictions like disable copy paste or domain whitelist/blacklist-- Set attachment restrictions like blocking attachments and restricting applications that can open attachments- Ease of use - Similarity to native android email client accelerates adoption rate- Removes all email messages and attachments on enterprise wipe- Syncs seamlessly with the Native Contacts and Calendar Apps - Optional AirWatch Calendar and AirWatch Contacts apps to protect and encrypt sensitive data.

Instructions for Activation: Step 1: Download and install AirWatch Inbox on your device through the Google Play Store.Step 2: Enroll using AirWatch MDM Agent v4.0.1010 or aboveStep 3: Based on a profile sent by your IT administrator , Airwatch Inbox will configure and prompt you for additional inputs.Step 4: Once you complete the configuration steps as prescribed by your administrator, AirWatch Inbox will start syncingStep 5: You've got mail!

What’s New in this Release: Rebranded the AirWatch Email Client to the AirWatch Inbox Added a "Remove" button for cancelled event emails.  Improved the default calendar color scheme.  Added a new setting to set end-dates when creating repeating events.  Improved the notifications when exporting contacts.  Created a fix to sync folders created on Outlook for Mac.  Added simplified contact details.  Included silenced notifications during the initial sync.  Expanded debug logging.  Removed the ability to export contacts without a phone number.  Added the ability for users to manually change their PIN.  Fixed a bug where in some cases the inbox view was showing encrypted content.  Included various other bug fixes. ***Hot Fix v1.4.1*** Fix for sync issue when authenticated with a certificate after upgrading to v1.4

***The experimental ART runtime is not supported in this release. Please use Davlik as your default runtime as suggested by Google***

For more information about ART please navigate here:

For more information on the AirWatch solution, please call 866.501.7705.

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