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App: Animated Clock Weather Widget

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Category Weather
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
NOTICE: THIS IS A PAID WIDGET THEME FOR EZ Weather .FREE TO DOWNLOAD BUT NEEDS PAYMENT WHEN APPLY! We make it Free to download since Themes need PAY in app not on Play Store.

Also you need to install EZ Weather Version 0.8 or above to use this widget.

Amber Weather is a simple and clean weather application with elegant operation-interface. Our driving force in designing it is to provide users with an easy-used weather forecast application. By using it, you can quickly access to any weather information, which including detailed weather overview and hour-by-hour and seven-day forecasts, in any locations at any time. And it is worth noting that, it is a free software without any advertisements. Let’s take action and try it right now!

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