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App: Blood Pressure Checker Prank

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Category Medical
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Blood Pressure Checker will give you the easiest way of looking into your blood pressure… it'll be the best accurate health Application. Blood Pressure Checker will calculate your blood pressure…

How it calculates the blood pressure...

Blood Pressure Checker app is just prank scanner to calculate your High blood pressure.Place your finger on the scanning pad and as well as place it to your flash light.Then watch for only three seconds for the result. if you would like the most accurate results, perform the procedure at-least 3 times and then calculate the average

The Blood Pressure Checker will calculate your blood.

1) Blood Pressure Checker can Measure your Systolic and Diastolic Blood pressures quickly.2) Blood Pressure Checker is very easy to use.


- High blood pressure readings - Free Blood pressure measurement for reducing blood pressure and monitor blood pressure at home.- Recording blood pressure monitor- Simple to scan and easy to use- Totally free for Android users- Works with Android mobiles and tablets- Simple and clear UI and beautiful design

Disclaimer: blood pressure checker fingerprint may only be used as a tool to record, share and keep track of blood pressure measurements, based on the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

This app is prank app just for fun.

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