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App: ClockIt Work Hours Tracker

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Requires os version:Android4.1 and up
ClockIt is the comprehensive solution to track, analyze, and report work hours, tips, taxes, and pay. Don't Just Track Your Work Time, Include Your Tips and TaxesClockIt was built to be a comprehensive tracking application. Forget about installing a bundle of apps in order to meet your needs, let ClockIt do it all.• Track your work time the easiest way possible, just tap and save.• Track your tips down to the cent, with an option in Settings to include in net pay.Analyze Trends, Maximize IncomeClockIt supports a full statistics engine that allows you to analyze your time and money in order to view trends and maximize your income.•Analyze your tips, hours, pay, or taxes by the day, week, month, or year•Set your parameters and let ClockIt graph over 40 combinations of analytics.Want to see a breakdown of average hours clocked each year by month? There's a graph for that. Accurate Withholdings = Accurate Pay Reports •Create custom deductions. Set the amount or percent, frequency, and name.•Get accurate Federal withholdings via current 2015 tables set to your specifics.•Set State Income Tax, Social Security Tax, and Medicare Tax to meet your situation.•Edit any of these deductions at any time.Get Your Estimated Paycheck•Select two dates in the calendar to generate a pay report•Pay reports includes total work hours, wage, net pay, deductions, and pay after deductions.•Calculate what your paycheck will be so you can plan your expenses.•Verify your pay checks to ensure you're getting paid what you should!Send Pay ReportsSend pay reports to your boss as a timecard alternative, or to yourself for record keeping.Detailed pay reports are created as PDFs and can be sent in-app via email or text and include:•Wage•Total work hours•Net Pay•Deductions•Gross Pay•Number of days worked during the pay period•The average number of work hours per day•A detailed breakdown of time in and out, as well as net pay and work hours for each day worked during the pay periodClockIt is free to download and install. Certain features are only unlocked through an in-app-purchase. Choosing to unlock all the features through in-app purchase goes a very long way toward allowing us to develop content for updates and new apps that make life a little easier. This version of ClockIt was developed so customers have the option to try ClockIt out with base features, and unlock all the features from the same app in order to keep their inputted data.

ClockIt is currently only available in English and Spanish. If you would like to see more languages added or could help with the translation, please contact me at you enjoy using the app and would like to see more features and frequent updates, please give us a good rating, it's the key to being able to release new material.If there are any questions, or you would like to request a feature to be added to the next update, please feel free to contact us at

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