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App: Cyber Dust

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Category Email & Messaging
Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
Cyber Dust is simply a more natural way to communicate without leaving a trail of everything you say. Messages and media disappear within seconds, never hit a hard drive and cannot be recovered. Cyber Dust keeps you in control of your content.

Feel comfortable chatting in the moment, sending private photos & videos, receiving exclusive content from celebrities & influencers + much more.

- Have private conversations without worry - Fully encrypted messages that are deleted forever- Instantly connect with friends, celebrities, and other influencers- Messages and media never touch a hard drive- Never pay for a text message again - Share photos, videos and other media with friends - Group messaging - Share disappearing locations- Share stickers and emojis - Blast content to multiple friends and followers at once- Create custom friend lists to Blast messages to - Add drawings and multi-line text with cool fonts on top of photos - "Sent" and "Read" confirmations - Detection of who can and can't take screenshots

Need help? message "CDteam" for support.

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