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App: Obscure – Share what you want

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Requires os version:Android3.0 and up
"Obscure provides image sharing with titillating filters and fine-grained controls for your images and messages…”-PCMag

“Texting privacy like never before” –

“… Obscure (free) offers unprecedented control over messages by letting either the sender or recipient delete images or messages and have them vanish from both phones."-PCMag

“Apply filters and goofy glasses, send the photo, then delete it before anyone has a chance to laugh at you” –

“Obscure gives you control over everything you send” –

Apply interactive filters to pictures, and send them to your friends! They can play with each picture, or request to see the original.

Ever wish you can take back that not-too-awesome picture or message? Obscure’s got you covered – You are always in control of what you send, and anything can be deleted from their device, too!

Ever feel like someone is looking over your shoulder reading your messages? Obscure can help with that – Turn on the text filter to scramble messages! Conversations have never been this private.

Features:▶FILTERS - Want to make your pictures more exciting? Add the fun with 9 interactive filters that'll keep your friends curious and interested!▶MESSAGE - Send pictures and messages to your Contacts, Google+, and Facebook friends!▶SCRAMBLE - Feel like someone is looking over your shoulder? Turn on the text filter to scramble your messages!▶SHARE - Reach out to your friends everywhere!▶EDIT - Customize your pictures with doodles and fun stickers!▶DELETE - Wish you can take back that embarrassing text/picture? With Obscure, you can!▶IMAGE SEARCH - Can’t say it with words? Type anything in to the text box to search for a random image from Google!▶MESSAGE OPTIONS - Long-tap any message you have sent to forward, or set as your profile picture!▶OFFLINE - Bad signal? Don’t worry, Obscure saves your messages and gets them to you when you're back.▶SELFIE FLASH - Finally, take pictures with the front facing camera in the dark!▶FREE - Message for free with mobile data.*Like other apps that connect to the internet, data transfer fees may be incurred. We recommend being data conscious when using these services.


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