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App: SuperStore Mobile Register LT

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Category Business
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
This is the free version of SuperStore. It is exactly the same as the paid version except it has advertisement and redirects you back to the main page. The paid version of SuperStore which cost $6.99 has no advertisement anywhere on the app and does not redirect to the main page.

Updated May 11th, 2014

• Design your own unique selection of up to 100 editable menu items.• 5 different menus each with 20 items each for different types of items.• Use Paypal on any device and/or Paypal HERE swiper (NOT ON TABLETS) to securely process your credit card transactions. • Real time inventory tracking (touch a button that shows 50 items remaining, when the sale is done it shows 49).• Scan item bar codes, and view, edit or reenter previous inventory on the same page for faster inventory processing.• Change sales menu text size to custom fit any screen, phone or tablet.• Works (and works well) on small devices or large tablets in Portrait or Landscape.• Change sales tax to one item, all items, or some items and rate directly from the sales menu page.• Save customer names and purchases to database. • Get contacts from device and save to app.• Saves receipts to sd card, viewable from app or your device.• Choose cash or credit for payment options.• Sort records by date. • View Inventory from menu as you sell. • Send receipts with receipt image to customers.• Call your customer from the app.• Reminder to invoice customers or yourself on a future date• Create sales reports to save to your SD Card.• Easy Help tab at the top of every page.

SuperStore is an app that can be used for any type of sales event. You could use this app to sell at an entertainment event, a yard sale, a small restaurant, a membership club, a food stand, used car lot or just about anything else. It was made to look and perform like a register with lot's of add-ons that you don't normally find on Point Of Sale systems from more traditional sources. We update this application quite often, usually at least every two weeks and we have many additions we would like to add to it. This app utilizes Paypal which the most trusted name in online credit card processing. No games, no fees on top of fees, no number to call in some far away country, no other apps to download, no additional hardware required. If you have a Paypal account we show you step by step how to easily create a Paypal merchant account and link it to this app. If you don't have a Paypal account we show you how to get one.

We love feedback. Please tell us what you would like to see, the good and the bad. Our company, Airhawk Vending is a very small company but we have lot's of past concessions experience involving sales in excess of 150K a day so we know what a mobile register should look like to accommodate large sales. Once you get your products listed, the app works very fast as a repeat seller during busy times.

Please feel free to contact me personally anytime about this application. You can contact me at

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