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App: Video & Picture Hunter Free

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Category Media & Video
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up

Video & Picture Hunter (a.k.a. Clip Hunter / Movie Hunter) is a tool to automatically and massively download free pictures, short videoclips (20-30 sec) and files of any other type by keywords. You can either let the app search the whole Internet for files matching some topic (Simple Search) or specify a website from which the app will grab everything matching your keywords (Advanced Search). The app then lets you sort out the downloads: keep the best and delete the rest. Technically, this app is a web crawler + background downloader + file browser + basic picture / video viewer.

What this app is NOT:- NOT a torrent client. No "full-length" videos.- NOT a Flash grabber. NO FLV files, instead AVI, MPG, WMV, MP4 and pictures (JPG, PNG, GIF).- no downloading from social networks.- you can't pick individual videos for the app to download. This would defeat its purpose. It's about massive automatic downloading, which means it first mass downloads tons of stuff, and then you delete what you don't need. It works automatically in the background while you are playing games, have your phone sleeping in your pocket or are sorting out the downloads.

This utility is a solution for people who need stuff offline, on their phone or tablet, and in almost industrial volumes :) You probably recall the nights spent browsing video / picture galleries, closing ads and pop-ups, fighting deceptive links, deciding what to load by thumbnails and previews - only to then still have to look through the downloaded stuff and delete most of it. Here the time wasted on searching and downloading is essentially zero except the first minute of usage between the app has just started the first search ever and has downloaded the first file ever. After that you only spend your personal time sorting stuff which in the meanwhile just keeps piling up until your SD card / device storage is full, you cancel the process, or the whole video / picture gallery has been downloaded.

To watch videos you would probably need some decent video player: the in-built one in Android (on which this app relies) supports only MP4 and some WMVs while videos may come also in AVI, MPG and other formats.

Happy hunting!

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