How does unlimited texting for Alltel work?

Question asked by tipsu21
I am about to get unlimited text from Alltel does that mean I can text any network unlimitedly or I can just text unlimited to anyone in the Alltel network with so many hundred set aside to another next work?

Also what does it mean by also getting unlimited Axcess Web with the unlimited package? What is Axcess web?

Answered by testike
with Alltel (just recently bought out by Verizon), you would have to buy the all axcess pass. for $20 a month, you get unlimited texting, picture, and video messages, a one-time $5 "gift card" to Axcess Apps (you can buy games, ringtones, all that fun stuff), and axcess web use (which is just mobile Internet, this Internet is not as good as the Internet on your computer or laptop) THE AXCESS WEB FEATURE IS NOT UNLIMITED, it uses up "data minutes" with is the same as regular minutes, but are used for data uses, you can get unlimited data minutes (which does make axcess web unlimited for $10 extra) but if you don't get unlimited data minutes, the Internet and the shopping for axcess apps will eat up your regular minutes on your plan.

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