Does the Sprint Nextel company have bad service?

Question asked by tipsu21
I want the Centro from Sprint, but I've heard from a few sources that Sprint is dead last on customer satisfaction and they have bad reception. I've always had Verizon, and their service is always good so I wouldn't know.

Answered by testike
As far as reception that depends on where you live and tower locations to you. If someone on the internet says they have bad reception, don't list to them since it is a local issue not national. If someone in your town says it is bad reception, then it probably is.

As far as customer service, yes Sprint has the worst. You get transfered around a lot (without them telling you) and hung up on when you say you are upset. Things like that. Plus they outsource a lot of their call centers so you will be talking to someone in the Philippines or India most of the time.

I have the Centro and the SERO plan and my service is good. I don't plan on contacting customer care, so I am staying with Sprint. If I have a problem I use e-care to get it fixed and I never have to call in. But if you're the type that calls in, you will get frustrated. Just so you know.

(The pink Centro is coming out next week)

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