What are the problems with working at Sprint/Nextel?

Question asked by tipsu21
I am a recruiter and have been having a lot of issues with candidates getting information from friends that already work with this client telling the candidates to basically get out now and find something else. Not only do I need help in how to conduct myself with this information, but also what problems the internal friends are running into that has made their experience with the company so horrible that they warn their friends. Stability is one problem of course with the merger, but if they are working with our company, than there is stability with us....

Any ideas?
I am talking more about the company itself and not with anything customer service based. How about as a developer or a engineer or project manager? Any internal company problems that I should be aware of?

Answered by testike
I don't know what the problems are but I do know that, as a recruiter, I want to work with clients I feel good about. If you don't think the company is a good employer or have heard negative things, it might be time to re-evaluate your business relationship with them. Speak to the hiring managers and tell them what kind of negativity you're hearing so that they can respond. They'll respect your honesty and you might even get some answers to provide your applicants and employees. If you don't get the answers you need to hear, consider moving on to another client with a better reputation and more stable working environment. Good Luck!

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