Can any one help me write a compelling complaint letter to Nextel/Sprint for horrible customer services?

Question asked by tipsu21
I purchased a brand new phone in July 2006, one month later it just stopped working. Several phone calls later Nextel told me to call Motorola and they would replace it. Motorola sent me to a Nextel authorized repair deler and they told me I shoudl call Motorola. After the run around the only option the authorized dealer gave me was to pay for the replacement or sign up for some warrenty plan. They gave me a refurbished phone that sucks compared to the 300 one I bought a few month earlier. AUGH!!!!! Help...I cannot seem to get any one to answer me at those companies. What can I do? I have already talked to several managers.

Answered by testike
Did you use a credit card to pay for it? If so, you can get your credit card company to reject the charge. That has bailed me out many times.

But if not, Letters are taken much more seriously than phone calls, and you can also send your letter in an appeal to Public Utilities Commision as detailed in your phone bill. Nextel may not think that it is worth fighting your appeal and find it cheaper to give you a new phone.

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