Why can't I keep my cell phone plan if I switch from Nextel to Sprint?

Question asked by tipsu21
I want to Switch from Nextel to Sprint. But Customer Service says I need to stay with Nextel to keep the same plan if I want the cell phone plan?
What do I do?

Answered by testike
The thing is Nextel and Sprint are operating on two separating networks. As you know, Nextel is on IDEN and Sprint is strictly CDMA. For this reason, the Nextel plan you're currently subscribed to may include the "direct connect" feature, while Sprint does not support this, so the codes in the system differ and you'd then need to have it swapped out during the transition.

If you're on one of the newer plans or a free incoming plan, most of the plans are offered by both Sprint and Nextel so you actually can maintain the same plan (it still needs to be removed from Nextel and re-added onto Sprint though but that makes little difference). However, if it's anything involving Direct Connect, unfortunately it's not possible, as it's incompatible with the CDMA handsets.

The only concern is, what is the reason for you wanting to keep the Nextel plan? If you're looking to use a Sprint phone, in the meantime you wouldn't be able to use the walkie talkie feature. You can search for a plan that's comparable to the one you had on Nextel, unless if it's something offered by both sides.

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