How does verizon wireless internet work and cost?

Question asked by tipsu21
I would like to have internet that I can use when I travel. What does verizon charge? And how does this work? Is it unlimited use for internet? How fast is the internet connection?

Answered by testike
What kind of phone do you have? Or are you talking about the broadband wireless access card?

I have an EnV, and I subscribe to Vcast to get unlimited internet, Vcast access, and Get it Now! for $15/month.
If you don't mind using your minutes while you're online, there is a $5/month plan for that too.

On my phone the connection is really pretty fast, as long as the webpage doesn't have too many graphics. A lot of services have special pages made specifically for mobile access- like Gmail and facebook load very quickly are are very easy to navigate.

If you are looking for the broadband card, I don't personally use it, but I attached some links from Verizon's website as well as another Y!A question on this topic with a good answer below. There's even a place where you can "test drive" it, so maybe it will give you a feel of how fast it is? Not sure how that works. But it looks like they are charging $79/month for the unlimited access plan, which is the only one I see available.

Good luck!

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