What do i have to pay for Verizon Wireless?

Question asked by tipsu21
Im obviously a new customer and im wondering how much ill have to pay. Im going to a verizon store today to get verizon wireless. Im planning on buying the enV (200$) today and getting the plan for 39.99 plus 10.00 texting. What will i have to pay today? Is there some sort of special activation fee ill have to pay or just the price of the phone and thats it? Help

Answered by testike
First of all, there is not a standard $400 deposit as the one poster stated. Deposits are based on your credit worthiness. If you have really good credit, you won't have to pay a deposit.

Your typical fees would be:

Activation Fee
Price of phone + sales tax (if you have sales tax in your area)
Price of any accessories you buy in the store

All of the first month fees, etc would be on your first bill.

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