How do verizon wireless ringtones work?

Question asked by tipsu21
Okay, so I know how to download them and everything but I don't understand how to pay for them. I mean, do you pay monthly? and can you use it until you delete it, or do you get like a subscription, err something?

Answered by testike
You pay a one time fee for each ringtone and its good until you get rid of your phone or delete the ringtone. For a ringback tone, you pay the download fee for the tone, PLUS a monthly subscription for the ringback feature. For regular ringtones though, you don't pay any monthly subscription. Your best bet is to buy a Valu-Pak for ringtones, its cheaper than paying for each individual ringtone. You pay $9.99 for 4 ringtones and when you pick your ringtone, choose to pay with your Valu-Pak credit.

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