Game: pokemon yellow blue red

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Added:117 months ago
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  • imwastedenough


    91 months ago
    probably took your money off your phone because you get charged for internet access.
    it *does* work. at least on the samsung sgh-t401g. just have to be patient and it
    takes a few tries...
  • havoc19


    95 months ago
    ok so i got the do i save on yellow? yes i know how to save in game...but
    it doesnt save i go to get back on it and instead of saying continue, it says new
    games and options?!?!?! Does this mean i dont have enough memory on my phone? plz
    help...btw not a scam
  • ashley51


    97 months ago
    what a scam! it didnt even give me the game but it took all my money off my phone!
    well your welcome! freakin scam artist


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