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Game: Fun-Putt Mini Golf

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Category Sports
Requires os version:Android1.5 and up
Mini Golf Game with OVER 100 HOLES! Easy to pick up and play but a challenge to master.

This Version of Fun-Putt Mini Golf includes all of our courses. We do not charge separately for individual courses.

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Fun individual hole and course trophy achievements. Play a normal round of mini golf - then try to master the game by getting 3 flags on every hole and the course trophy achievements.

*** All our courses are unlocked and ready to play. We never charge extra when new courses are added ***

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Please email if you have any problems so we can get back to you. Comments in Android Market are anonymous.

When we add new courses, they are included with the updates, and we do not charge extra.

Mini golf game Fun-Putt Mini Golf has 100+ Holes and NEW hole & course achievements! An addicting game that's easy to learn but a CHALLENGE to master. Includes 3 18-hole courses and 11 9-hole courses. We will be adding more new courses soon at no extra charge.

Mini Golf game with NEW individual hole CHALLENGES and course trophy achievements! Play 11, 9-hole courses, and 3, 18-hole courses, OVER 100 mini golf holes! Pay once, free updates! Easy to play, HARD to master. Easy controls and simple 2D graphics so you can have FUN playing Mini Golf on your phone! Deluxe courses add an all new challenge to an already fun and challenging game!!

New Deluxe minigolf holes having moving obstacles, bridges, and are grouped into 9 hole courses for quick play.

2 Power Control Methods - Swipe and Power Bar depending on your preferences.

With the swipe method in this mini golf game, you use your finger to move the ball in the desired direction. Work your way past sand traps, over hills, through tunnels, and around water and other obstacles.

The power bar method lets you set the power for the ball, and the direction, and just hit.

Best scores are saved for each mini golf course to add a continual challenge. Try to beat your best score.

All sales are final after 48 hours from the time of your purchase. Google allows for a refund within 15 minutes of your purchase. Google is authorized to refund purchases of this game for up to 48 hours of the time of the purchase.

App to SD is supported.

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