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Game: 3D Soccer

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Category Sports
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
First Person View, 3D soccer Game, 3D Football
Still in production.

-This is like a Soccer Simulator (first person view) It's not the traditional stand camera ones.
You need to learn timing, and be quick with the controls.

-If you never played this game I highly recommend you start with 1v1, learn to dribble and kick and turn with the ball and then practice with the goal keeper. It takes a little while to become skilled (Maybe 30 minutes to an Hour). Please watch the video to see how the game is played

If you like this game or dislike it please write a review of what you like and dislike are about it. Your input could help make this game better.


-Joystick to move around (on the left down the bottom)
-Look around use the touch screen (swipe screen just above the three buttons)
(K2 is High power kick K1 is Medium Power) K1 and K2 the direction where you are facing it goes
-D (Dribble) Button is( It's just like a Kick, but Low Power it's direction is based on Joystick not where you looking at like K1 and K2) This makes it possible to dribble in 360 degree's. You can pull the ball back, side left all 360 degree's.
-If you want to kick up look up.
-if you kick the ball in the goal it will give you a point (if you go out it will reset in the middle of the field)
- P Button Pass button on top right (press it will go green and your team mates will pass you the ball) if it goes red it means they will not pass you the ball) even the goal keeper will give you ball.

-best way to practice is run forward, light touch then powerful kick.

Its also very important to use the touch tune button ( to make the screen sensitivity) just right you have to test it from 0.1 to 1.5 to see which feels best. The game program already sets the resolutions correctly but the problem is Android has 320x240 to 1920x1080 with varies number of pixel sizes.

EG Samsung S4 Needs to be something like 0.2.
Phone which is 3 Inch Screen and has 320x240 resolution might need 1.2

Another important thing.

Very Important this game Requires Full Dual Touch Support. Most Android Devices have the support but some don't. If your one of the unlucky ones and the controls don't seem to work correctly, that's most likely the case.
Even I have a phone that doesn't support Full Dual Touch Support, but my Tablet Works Fine. These is nothing I can do to fix this issue, as it's a hardware limitation.

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