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Game: Travel Cribbage Board

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
As long as you have the Travel Cribbage Board app on your phone, all you need is an actual deck of cards and another actual person for a rousing game of Cribbage. This app features:

? Clean modern design.

? Mother of pearl buttons (optional).

? Classic 60 hole layout*.

? Statistics including player names, wins and high hands.

? Ad Free.

? Intuitive interface.

? Up to five levels of Undo.

? Convenient Cribbage scoring chart.

? Unfinished games are automatically saved.

With Travel Cribbage Board you can now leave home confidently, knowing that you're prepared if a game of Cribbage should break out.

*Note: The classic cribbage board layout is 60 holes that each player goes around twice to get to 121 (with the finish hole).

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