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Game: Chick kingdom defense

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Category Casual
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Sling exhilarating action cute chicks work hard comes up!
Pull! Bumping! Defend the kingdom!

The attack on the opponent by adjusting the angle by pulling chicks present in the screen!
Let's defend the kingdom and fight off the enemy well
It is summoned by the power of the egg princess when you can not deal with the onslaught of the enemy!
Powerful ally appeared from the inside further with I prevent a certain period of time to attack!
The Beware because it becomes game over Durability of the castle becomes 0
World Ranking is equipped in all the various stages is are available!
Aim the savior of the true kingdom of chick!

? ranking data in the server is reset on a regular basis.
? The ranking function and Lobi chat, there is likely to be deleted without notice.

? ? SAT-BOX official site ? ?

? ? SAT-BOX app ? ?
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