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Game: Guess the Cartoon

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Category Trivia
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Guess the cartoon, to play this game you have to be really observant considering the cartoon character on the show, the images in the show have been on give effect blur, so that blurs the picture, this is the challenge.
If you believe your answer is correct, you can just touch the button "check answer"
In a game of guess the cartoon you can also use the help if you are not sure of your answer.
Guess the cartoon has a simple design with bright colours with the hope of more user friendly.

guess the cartoon. This game aims to have fun, cartoon taken sourced from several films, and taken from the public domain, we have edit it by giving it the effect of blur, again it simply aims to have fun. If anything the authorities objected to this, please contact us.
thanks and have fun :)

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