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Game: Imperial knight - Last Battle

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Category Strategy
Requires os version:Android3.0 and up
The only Strategy Game you'll ever need: Global Battle, Choose Your Strategic Attack Route, Nurture Your Heroes, and Build Your Castle. You will be impressed by the diversity of strategic options! FREE TO PLAY!

Imperial knight - last battle is a Real Time MMO strategic war game with millions of players around the world fighting in the same mobile screen, set against the backdrop of ancient Western Civilization. It brings players a brand new gaming experience with unique gameplay that stands out from typical strategy games.

In the game, you will experience massive, majestic castles, epic heroes and diverse battles. You will need to lead your troops and launch a special campaign of empire war: city sieges, checkpoint capture, hand-to-hand battle, alliance war, trans-continent war, supremacy and more! At the same time, you can enjoy a lively social life: friends, enemies, alliances, and kingdoms. A world of courage and wisdom awaits! Let’s fight!

Global Battle
• Massacre or negotiation? Enemy or Alliance? It requires both your wisdom and courage to conquer the world!
• Persistent battlefield: Join the battle anytime you want and experience the grandeur of hundreds of players fighting against each other!
Various Strategy
• Genuine empire wars and engagements from historical antiquity: Plunder battles, city sieges, attack and defense, alliance war, transcontinental war and more!
• More Realistic aesthetic and graphics than other strategy games!
Choose Your Route
• Unprecedented terrain: 3 continents, dozens of famous cities, marching paths, visible battlefields!
• Social interactions: Friends, enemies, alliances, kingdoms. Make plans and conduct intrigue. This is a world of cunning, courage and wisdom!
Nurture Your Heroes
• 3 unique Family Houses: House York, House Lancaster, House Capet!
• Hundreds of epic heroes: Faceless Warrick, night watchman Gorge, dragon lady Isabella…
Build Your Castle
• Majestic inner cities: Government halls, bars, barracks, hospitals…
• Diversified map levels: Dulin City?Snow-white Great Wall?Lions and Wolfs?Five Kings?Dragon Lady…
• Burning mechanism: rival giving you trouble? Burn his castle to the ground!

===============Comments from Players===============
"It is surely one of the best MMO mobile game of our age. Imperial Knight - Last Battle team unravels and dedicates their creative genius in bringing a war game full of meaningful additions and improvements on gameplay. The team provides a golden standard on how games should be made and/or improved. Whether you are a gamer who seeks small half-an-hour shots of gaming or a crazed achievement completionist, you'll have a hell of time (and it will be a lot) playing Imperial Knight - Last Battle. "

“I don't usually like games on the mobile platform but wow this game is awesome. Imperial Knight - Last Battle let me have fun and has ever tempted me to make an in-app purchase. Definitely the game is worth trying. We can attack the castles near our city and defense the armies in the battle. The same as I played in clash of clan. I have made a lot of friends in Imperial Knight. We have our own kingdoms and empires; recruit the heroes in the tavern. I love this strategic game.”

"To make a long story short, there is so much to do, there is so much to like, and there is so much to see and learn and read in Imperial Knight - Last Battle. I’d like to say this game which is as great as Clash of Clan is on my favorite MMO mobile war game list. If you like Clash of Clan, try it! It will never let you down."

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