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Game: Three Kingdoms Partner

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Category Strategy
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
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Valley Wartown war game platform first mobile game masterpiece!

world's first operation will be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of the three most strategic card game, abandon the past tedious affairs and to develop models, with three famous Cheng Chi battlefield, this is your true Three games!!

? ? ? ? famous reincarnation pioneered the art of war ghost lineup strategizing ? ? ?
? ? ? Q version of the Three lovely break easily play fun table ? ? ? ?

drain, faded away, eternal heroes.
so base west of humanity, the three Shuro Chibi.
rocks through air, scared scouring the shore, snow piled up a thousand.
HAWTHORNE, sometimes much hero. Song. Su

If you like the three themes, do not miss this one game, unlike the other three game modes, new ways of leading the world's first, easy to play with the essence of the three countries will be able to enjoy strategy games.

Faithful to historical facts, three famous - Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Lu Bu, Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu ... etc. then shook the moment the hero, will be your best partner together to ride the battlefield! History-related figures, will launch into battle together combos, while giving each star a different professional attributes, greatly increasing the depth of the fun strategy embattled!

Three characters in the game, whether historical or contemporary famous beauties, such as: Diao Chan, Big Joe, Joe, Shangxiang ..., carefully drawn by professional illustrators, along with strengthening the role of the level of increase, the shape of the more famous increasingly cool handsome, the world's original ghost system, the historic them will be transformed into a super gorgeous ghost will definitely make you eye-catching!!

In addition to the world's first ghost reincarnation system, as well as the game Bot team battle BOSS, chopped 100 fighting games, PVP tournament ... so rich game content, simple operation, but they can enjoy the game gives you a variety of rich depth of fun games, three new strategic card game, and daily activities from time to time reward is waiting for you to experience!
?characteristics of play?
1?ghosts will Tensei: three famous gorgeous reincarnation, ghosts will debut Pimi nothing.
2?champion Max: History Hero gorgeous debut, resistance Ghost Riders.
3?the most praise cards: the first three-dimensional card battle, Q soldiers absolutely gorgeous big dance move.
4?rich gameplay: Play combos, combos unexpected battle dance.
5?coolest picture: a stunning picture, stunning skills, dynamic visual enjoyment.
6?unlimited copies: Challenges unlimited copies of the story, indulging really three big killing field.
7?simple to use: strategizing to make your fingertips, Palaces grid strategy game.
8?the best reward: a surprise send back non-stop, as long as the play would send VIP!

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