1. Under every ringtone there is an iPhone logo and a link for downloading:

free iphone ringtones

2. By clicking on that link the ringtone will be downloaded into your computer.


1. Once you have downloaded the ringtones you want... in order to upload the ringtones to your iPhone; first open iTunes. Then drag 'n' drop the ringtones into the Library > Ringtones area. This should be visible in the upper left part of the main window:

free iphone ringtones

2. Next, connect your iPhone to your computer in the usual manner with the cable provided. Depending on your settings, sync will either happen automatically, or when you hit the big "sync" button in the lower right corner of the main iTunes window.

iphone ringtones

3. Make sure in your settings for ringtones, "sync ringtones" is checked.

4. If sync is not automatic, hit the sync button on the lower right corner of the iTunes window. Ringtones should upload to iPhone!

5. When sync is complete and it is ok to disconnect the iPhone, disconnect.


1. One you have disconnected the iPhone (make sure it is "ok to disconnect"), head for the main iPhone window in the usual manner - and then tap the "Settings" icon.

2. Then tap "Sounds". Then "Ringtone" - and you will be able to select and audition your new ringtones! Cool!