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Network CDMA 850 / CDMA 1900
Dimensions 3.58" x 1.93" x 0.94" (
Weight 4 oz
Camera Resolution: VGA (640 x 480)LED flash / CCD type sensor
Memory ?
Screen Type: LCD (Color TFT/TFD)Resolution: 176 x 220 pixelsColors: 262,144 (18-bit)

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testike posted 119 months ago

I got this phone because I'm struggling with signal inside my house with other companies. Verizon is no better than the others inside my house. But anyways...i got the UTStarcom because was free. First thing i noticed is that this phone is very similar to Samsung and LG phones...almost same chargers, icons, keys and sounds. Maybe the same company build the phones for several brands. The CDM8945 is good for a free phone. Is very bulky. Menus are basic and simple. Phone feels heavy and well built. Volume is excellent. Ringers suck big time. Only 4 ugly wallpapers. Camera is prehistoric at best. I just came from a $300 cell phone...so of course the 8945 is gonna be a huge difference. But at this point I'm desperate. I need signal inside my house. So for now... i got 30 days to test it...lets see what happens.

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