I-mate JAM Reboots while using phone. Battery lists as charged?

Question asked by tipsu21
I also have a 2.8 year old I-mate Imate Jam. The JAM show a charge of 80% and while I'm using the phone, the unit shuts off completely. No one has provided a clear answer as to whether this behavior is a clear symptom of an old HTC / Imate battery problem or if I have a hardware issue. Imate support site (after long wait) said I need service. I'm not convinced - unit works through car & home chargers.
So---do I buy a battery and put $30 into an experiment or is there a clear posting on internet that identifies problem. I can say it didn't show up until unit was 2.5 years old. The unit is heavily used as PDA & phone. I'm hesitant to NOT buy a new battery - unit shows a decent charge and also it seems to work fine as a PDA. There's something about the phone & rebooting that I can't put my finger on. I've got the latest ROM and done many hard resets . It's not software. Ebay batteries scare me. T-mobile store may let me use a battery from sidekick as most friends don't have this JAM.

Answered by testike
Hi There,
From your description, it sounds like it is battery that getting weak. It is fine when using only as PDA because power consumption in this mode is low.
But when used as phone, it requires high pulses of current from battery (communicate back to station). Thus causing instant loading on battery and rebooting your JAM.
I strongly believe changing battery will sort this issue.

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