testike posted 121 months ago

i decided to go with vmobile a little more than a year and a half ago, after a run in with a contract carrier. i've been through quite a few phones in this time including a slider sonic, marbl, and a flasher.

so far, this phone has been the best option for me, aside from the slider sonic (rip)

-awesome reception (sprints coverage is pretty decent in my area)
-clear sound quality
-decent megapixel camera with photo editing
-standard phone tools (organizer, calc, stopwatch, etc.)
-supports real music tones
-awesome color scheme and keypad backlight

-led flash (which doubles as flashlight)
-sometimes while texting, the cursor is sent to a random place in the text - i've experienced this problem with kyocera phones in the past, especially those running this os
-random icons used for menu options (unchangable)

i've had the phone for a little over 2 months now, and i think it absolutely kicks arse. i have actually run into some problems with the display turning white and freezing up on me, which i understand happens to phones sometimes. i'll most likely contact kyocera for repairs/replacement unless vmobile offers a warranty exchange program.

but aside from that minor problem, the phone's been awesome to me. it's small and the color scheme/layout of the camera and red keypad backlight give meaning to the name cyclops. i get compliments on how neat the phone looks, and a few on how the phone looks like a toy (which makes me love it that much more).

all in all, i think this is one of the better phoens vmobile has put out. an awesome choice for anybody that likes to snap larger emospace-size pics and dislikes contracts.