How do I get 100% free ringtones for my Verizon Kyocera KX1?

Question asked by tipsu21
I do want a monthly services charge to my cc# or want my number out in lala land, plus I pay as you go. please help.

Answered by testike
You can try the product I'm referencing below, it's called Ringtone Media Studio, which allows you to use your own music (CDs, MP3s, whatever) as well as your own images and videos (if your phone supports them) to customize your phone for free.

But another problem is that Verizon tries to set up a wall (unlike Sprint or Cingular) and really makes it difficult for users to use third-party content...they really want to make you pay.

One reason I'll never go to Verizon. I have both a Nextel phone and a Cingular phone (one was given to me by work) but never Verizon if I can help it...

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